Community and District Court Mediation:

Mediation Services for conflicts between friends, neighbors, family members, landlord/tenant, and business/client.

These services include both referrals from individuals within the community as well as those sent from District Court in the 30th Judicial District of North Carolina.  Appropriate misdemeanor charges initiated by one citizen against another are sent to mediation as a diversion from court.  Mediation gives the parties the opportunity to resolve their differences and address issues surrounding the conflict in more depth.  Mediations reach a resolution 75% of the time for court-ordered cases and 90% when mediation is voluntary.

Mediation for Medicaid Appeals:

Medicaid appeals in North Carolina helps Medicaid recipients gain access to necessary health services.  Through mediation the recipient is able to understand why the appeal was denied and work with the mediator and the Medicaid representative to restore the needed service if appropriate.

Separation/Divorce Mediation:

An opportunity for separated or divorcing persons to discuss issues concerning their children and/or the resolution of financial matters.

Youth Training and Restorative Justice:

  • Bullying prevention and conflict resolution trainings give youth the skills they need to make the classroom a more productive place to learn.
  • Peer mediation trainings for students in public and private schools, juvenile facilities, and group residency programs give youth tools to help their peers resolve conflicts where and when they occur.
  • Restorative Justice Practice helps shift the focus to productive solutions when harm has been done.  It gives youth the tools to decide what needs to happen to correct the harm and involves both the person causing the harm and the one harmed in deciding how to move forward.  It gives both the offender and the victim a voice.

Adult Training:

Community mediation trainings and private workshops on conflict resolution, mediation, and communication skills are available on a regular basis.

Group Facilitation:

A facilitator is a neutral third party who is called in to conduct a meeting for a local community group or business. Facilitators may aid in general meetings or retreats, as well as assisting in resolving large group disputes.

Restorative Justice & Juvenile Mediation

Visit our Restorative Justice page for more information on this program.

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