Restorative Justice

The Juvenile Mediation Program of Mountain Mediation Services commenced in 2015 and has helped dozens of youth in Western North Carolina.

The Juvenile Mediation Program uses Restorative Justice (RJ) Practices to
help youth, families and community members work together to change behaviors that harm others.  The services cover a wide array of situations where one or more youth have made decisions that harm themselves, others, and the community.

Restorative Justice addresses all three aspects of the youth’s actions, enabling them to think though the consequences of their actions and  decide on solutions to restore the harm.  The process allows time and space for both those harmed and those who caused the harm, to reflect on the harm  caused and focus on positive ways to move forward.

Below are a number of videos and links for additional information.

To learn more about restorative practices, visit the International Institute for Restorative Practices website.

To read the results of a research study that indicated RJ has benefits that far outweigh the traditional criminal justice system, click here.

Here is our former Restorative Justice Coordinator Rebecca Herbers explaining exactly what restorative justice is; further videos on the subject of restorative justice follow.