Mountain Mediation Services Completes Community Mediation Training

Mountain Mediation Services conducted its Community Mediation Training course in Webster on March 19-March 21. In three days, twelve attendees learned the principles and processes of mediation.

The trainees immersed themselves in 40 years’ worth of knowledge, experience and understanding distilled into 21 hours of instruction and inspiration by two remarkable women: Lead Trainer Betty McRae and Associate Trainer Adele Doering.

Betty McRae and Adele Doering are both longtime mediators who bring intelligence, insight and wit to the Community Mediation Training course. They are singularly engaging communicators.

The training involved demonstration, practice and a free give-and-take between trainers and participants. It was intense, enjoyable and involving. It led participants, step by step, to a grasp of the basic ways, whys and means of mediation.

Along the way, trainees became mediators, qualified to volunteer with MMS. They also acquired skills that will serve them well in resolving conflicts at work, with businesses or neighbors, and with family members.

One participant, Blaine Greenfield, an experienced mediator who audited the course, said, “It was excellent. In fact, it was some of the best training I’ve ever received on the subject. I’m confident that everyone who participated will do well as mediators.”

From her perspective as Lead Trainer, Betty McRae sees Community Mediation Training as a process that is both educational and enriching: “There’s a point in the course when all the pieces come together to reveal the power and the possibilities in mediation. That’s when people really get excited. It’s almost magical.”

Mountain Mediation Services handles court-ordered mediations, family and business disputes, and helps children and young adults resolve issues ranging from bullying to misdemeanor offenses.

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