Juvenile Mediation Program

stop bullying - yellow signsRecent Haywood School Cuts endanger Bullying Prevention Program!

Haywood County Schools is in danger of losing Bullying Prevention and Conflict Resolution Trainings our organization provides to over 1,100 youth each year! According to the NC Center for Safer Schools, Bullying is reduced by 50% in schools where bully prevention programs exist. This program targets Middle School Youth and supports them in addressing bullying behavior when it occurs.

This week’s Mountaineer in Waynesville, NC ran an article about the loss of funds for this valuable service. http://themountaineer.villagesoup.com/p/bullying-prevention-officials-worried-for-haywood-students/1538499

Want to help support this program? Contact our Waynesville office at 828-452-0240 or email   mmswaynesville@dnet.net to find out how you can help!

MMS’ Juvenile Mediation Program Begins its Second Year in Haywood County!

Mountain Mediation Services is beginning its second year of Restorative Justice (RJ) Programming. Known as the Juvenile Mediation Program, the services cover a wide array of situations where one or more youth have made decisions that harm themselves, others, and the community.  Restorative Justice addresses all three aspects of the youth’s actions, enabling them to think though the consequences of their actions and decide on solutions to restore the harm.

When mediation is helpful:

Great tool to resolve:

  • School fights
  • Bullying
  • Conflicts on the bus
  • Conflict at community and school events

Below is an example of how Restorative Justice Practices compare with our traditional Justice System’s approach to criminal actions:

Restorative Justice                            

  • What is the nature of the harm resulting from the crime?
  • Who is responsible for the repair?
  • What needs to be done to “make it right?”

Traditional Judicial System

  • What laws were broken?
  • Who did it?
  • What should be done to punish or treat the offender?

Supported through prevention and court diversion funds, Juvenile Mediation utilizes Restorative Justice Practices to help youth move forward and learn from the past. Here’s what some of our participants had to say:

“The circle really helped me with my anger. I got to know the other students and I don’t think I’ll be fighting on the bus again, because of the project we did together.”

-Student, age 15

“My daughter was suspended for fighting on the bus. She got behind in her school work and was stressed out. The mediation program helped calm her down and think about other ways of handling her conflicts.”


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