Mountain Mediation Services

new-mms-logo-in-color-2015-with-name Welcome to Mountain Mediation Services!

Mediation is an intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or compromise.

Mountain Mediation Services provides a valuable alternative to court to the residents of the seven western-most counties of North Carolina, including the Qualla Bounday. Mediation is used to resolve disputes through discussion in an attempt to reach an agreement which both parties feel is fair.

Our mediators are trained volunteers from the community, and the training they receive is standardized by the Mediation Network of North Carolina. The mediators act as neutral parties; they do not judge, take sides, or give advice. They do help individuals listen to each other and clarify the issues involved.

Want to Learn to Mediate?

Check out Current News & Events Page to see if there is an upcoming Community Mediation Training Scheduled!

Mission Statement:

To promote resolution of conflicts in the seven western counties of North Carolina by educating the community in conflict resolution skills and mediating family, neighborhood, business, and community conflicts as an alternative to court.

What happens during mediation?

  • You will meet in an informal, confidential setting with two mediators and the person with whom you have a dispute.
  • The mediators are individuals from the community, volunteers trained in mediation.
  • Our mediators facilitate a process that is designed to help you decide for yourself how to resolve your problem or dispute.

We do not accept cases involving felonies, violent crimes, or domestic violence.

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